New Publication with The International Journal of Care and Caring

The article highlights the heterogeneity of employed women’s experience of family care for older persons by focusing on multigenerational households. First, A/Prof Moore argues that care for older persons must be understood in the context of multiple family responsibilities. Second, she shows that care for older persons occurs in a context of inequalities that remain in post-colonial settings where there is highly uneven access to material resources, high levels of unemployment, poverty and limited social welfare provision. From this understanding of care, A/Prof Moore argues that women’s position within wider care relations reveals elements of differentiation between women who occupy different class and racial positions.

Family Caregiving of Older Persons in Southern Africa Special Issue

We are delighted to announce that the first several papers from COPSAN’s special issue on Family Caregiving of Older Persons in South Africa have been published in the International Journal of Care and Caring. Take a look:

Family beliefs about care for older people in Central East, Southern and West Africa and Latin America

The potential value of a geographic information system for public service planning for older people in the African region

Beyond Filial Piety: Rethinking Aging and Caregiving in Contemporary East Asian Societies by Shea, J. Katrina, M. and Zhang, H, (eds) (2020)

Ageing Families in Chinese Society by Silverstein, M. (ed) (2021)